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This page answers some of the most Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have additional questions there is space at the bottom of this page where you may ask your questions and submit them for review by our team. Thank you!

  • I shall be too embarrassed to try nudity.
    It’s natural to have qualms about something new. In a society where clothing is the norm, nudity is perceived as strange. Yet throughout Europe 20 million have made this step and left embarrassment behind. Try it for yourself. Try it where you feel comfortable, be it indoors, or in a secluded part of the garden. But, take that first step.
  • Isn’t nudity a sex thing?
    NBND is not about sex, it is about enjoying being yourself. People sometimes associate nudity with sex, because having sex is one of the rare occasions when we are naked. Naturists have discovered that simple, non-sexual nudity is a pleasure in itself.
  • Isn’t it illegal to be naked in public?
    No, it is perfectly legal to be naked in a public place. The only way nudity can be illegal is if it is done in a way that’s likely to alarm or distress someone, but that’s illegal for any kind of behaviour. Every summer thousands of people cycle through British city centres naked in the World Naked Bike Ride demonstrations about oil dependency, cycling safety, and body acceptance – with full police support! Just be sensible, and sensitive. But if this really worries you, choose somewhere that’s not public for your NBND experience.
  • What if someone sees me?
    So what if they do? It will not harm them, and our experience is that hardly anyone is really upset by innocent nudity. Tell them it is National Be Naked Day and you are giving it a try, just like thousands of others around the country. And if anyone should think any less of you just because you are naked occasionally, that says more about them than about you.
  • I can’t do it on 5th August, because….
    Then do it another time – but do it. We chose 5th August because it’s good for a lot of people, but if it doesn’t suit you, choose a date near then and try it anyway. We had to have a ‘day’, to try to get people to tell us how it went. Please use our survey here {link to survey} to let us know how it went, whenever and however you try it. Of course, if you are keen to try nudity you don’t have to wait until NBND – and we hope that you will continue to spend time in the nude long after NBND is over!
  • What if it is cold, or raining?
    Go indoors or do it another time. Do whatever is practical. Naturism is about being free and comfortable in body and mind, not an exercise in masochism!
  • I’m busy, why should I even bother?
    Because if you do, we think you will discover something good, which you probably never even suspected. Are you prepared to miss out for all time, just because you don’t try it once? You don’t have to stop all your activities anyway, just find some that you can do naked for a while. One of the most common things heard said by new naturists is “I wish I’d tried this years ago”.
  • What’s a good place to spend time naked?
    Unless you are very brave, you probably shouldn’t go shopping or jogging round your neighbourhood in the nude! The easiest place is probably at home, but if it’s a nice day you will probably want to get outdoors. If you have a private garden that would be perfect. If you want to meet other people, check the Internet to find your nearest nudist beach, a naturist event such as a nude swimming session or organised country hike or garden visit. The British Naturism website Events Calendar is a good place to start
  • I’m not very confident about my body.
    Naturism is a great way to overcome these sort of feelings and start feeling better about yourself. Whether you think you are too skinny or overweight, feel embarrassed about a scar or tattoo, or the size or shape of your “naughty bits”, we are sure that you will love the feeling of freedom and liberation once you take the plunge and try living without clothes. And anyway, there aren’t really any bits of the body which are “naughty” – how can it be “naughty” to be born with a body?!
  • Should I tell anyone?
    By all means! They will likely be very supportive after maybe having a bit of a giggle about it at first. It is certainly worth telling people you live with (be it parents, flatmates or partner) in advance, so they won’t be shocked when you first appear in the nude on NBND. They may even decide to join in (let them know that’s an option!). Why not get friends or workmates to sponsor you and give the money raised to charity? You may be surprised at the number of naturists you know – who just don’t talk about it until the subject comes up somehow.
  • Isn’t it unhygienic?
    Not at all. Obviously it is important to pay attention to personal hygiene in the normal way. Beyond that, naturists will always have a small towel available to put down where they are going to sit.
  • So I’m naked, now what?
    You can participate in a naturist or clothes-optional activity if you wish, or simply carry on with your normal activities (but naked!). Most things you can do clothed can also be done in the nude, such as cooking, eating, exercising, cleaning the house, gardening, hobbies or using your computer or tablet. Obviously some tasks such as using cutting machinery are dangerous without proper protective clothing, so use your common sense!

If you have additional questions there is space at the bottom of this page where you may ask your questions and submit them for review by our team. Thank you!

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