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National Be Naked Day Press Release 4
Dated 1st August 2017 – for immediate use.

Sharing a joke at tea time

Gone fishing!


It will soon be here. Then what?

British Naturism has announced that Saturday 5th August 2017 will be the first National Be Naked Day. This is the day when everyone who has not done so before is invited to spend some time doing some of their normal daily activities in the nude. So, as the big day is almost on us it is time to stop talking about it and decide what we are going to actually do. This will vary from person to person according to wish and circumstance. There are no rules really, other than actually experiencing a period of nudity for yourself and seeing what it does for you. However, here are some thoughts to ponder.

A good way to start the day might be simply not to get dressed straight away. Why not ‘go commando’, and sleep in the buff? A lot of people do, and love it. Once up, don’t reach for the dressing gown. Instead, cast off your nightwear, if you were wearing any, and have breakfast in the nude. This is especially nice if you can sit in the sun, and take your time to just enjoy the sensations. In thinking about the day ahead, there are bound to be some things you can do in the nude, even if it takes a bit of planning. Housework is great done naked, as you stay cool and comfortable, and when you are finished, a quick shower and you’re ready to go – with no extra laundry! Maybe you are planning to spend some time at your hobby. Not all will be suitable for naked enjoyment, but some will be – think about it. Gardening is great when done that bit closer to nature. A walk in the countryside, or a wild swim are that much more lovely when done bare. And of course sun bathing is probably the prime candidate for the all-over treatment. There will be all sorts of other things people can think of, so make your own minds up and try it.

Some folk will be wondering, ‘should I do this alone, or in company?’ Again, it’s up to you. Naturists have found that nudity can add a special dimension to social gatherings, which is difficult to describe, but great to experience. So, why not invite a friend or a group of friends over to share your experience? If that worries you, then try it on your own. That’s OK too and you can decide afterwards whether to share your thoughts. Nudity within the family is completely normal; you aren’t embarrassed at seeing your children naked are you, so why should they be embarrassed at seeing you?

How long to stay naked? As long as you like! But give it a fair trial, at least an hour to get over the initial strangeness is a good minimum – but there’s no maximum. Relax, enjoy your time. Why not catch up on some reading, or Facebook, TV, or letter writing…..whatever.

And when you have had your experiment, what then? Most importantly, you will know for yourself what you really think. But be logical and rational in your reactions. It may have felt a bit strange, but was that just unfamiliarity? We have all had a lifetime of brainwashing by society telling us to get dressed, and that probably won’t go away instantly, however illogical it really is. You may have felt elation, and want more of it, or to find out more about naturism. You may not have liked it – but at least you’ll know! Whatever your reaction, British Naturism would love to hear from you to help us judge the outcome of this mass experiment. This can easily be done by the short anonymous survey set up for the purpose on . British Naturism is working with London Regent’s University to assess the psychological outcome of experiencing nudity, and part of the survey is designed to help with this.

You can find out more about National Be Naked Day on

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National Be Naked Day Press Release 3
Dated 25th July 2017 – for immediate use.

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Ironing a T-shirt

What’s stopping you from being naked?

British Naturism has announced that Saturday 5th August 2017 will be the first National Be Naked Day. This is the day when everyone who has not done so before is invited to spend some time doing some of their normal daily activities in the nude. Naturists do this a lot, but some folk don’t, and this special day is designed to help those who would like to try it to do so in whatever way that suits them as individuals. So what is it that stops some people from going naked?

First of course is that it is not always practical to be naked. If you need clothing for warmth or protection it would be silly not to wear them. That’s why, when asked what they do when they get cold, naturists answer “get dressed of course”. However, many people would never think of being naked, even when it is practical to do so. And that’s another reason they don’t try it – simply because they just wouldn’t think of it. Society has, for whatever reason, developed the myth that wearing clothing is somehow compulsory, and if you choose not to sometimes, there is something odd about you. But there is no logic behind this convention, and it is perpetuated simply by the herd instinct. National Be Naked Day challenges you to actually think for yourself about what you do, and try something a little different. Different does not mean bad.

Another reason some people feel they have to always hide their bodies, even from themselves, is that they are ashamed of them. This is often because we are constantly fed with images of ‘perfect Hollywood bodies’, and we are made to feel inadequate if we don’t look the same. Those media images do not represent real people though, who actually come in all shapes, sizes, ages, colours and varieties of blemish. Of course there is nothing wrong with trying to look our best, but it is psychologically unhealthy to let this develop into self-loathing or an obsession with looks. We are what we are, and accepting ourselves, and each other, as people, should not rely on hiding behind clothing. We may view ourselves as spiritual beings, but we all inhabit a physical body and it’s the only one we’ll ever get, so it’s better to be accepting of it and get on with life, than being a prisoner of unnecessary shame. National Be Naked Day could be a first step to a new, and better, appreciation of yourself and growing self-confidence . But don’t just take our word for it. Try it yourself, in your own way. And tell us what you think, on You have nothing to lose in giving it a try.

Sorting the kitchen cupboard while naked

Finally, some people ask “is it legal to be naked?” Of course it is! The only way nudity can be illegal is if it is done in a way that’s likely to alarm someone, but that’s illegal for any kind of behaviour.

You can find out more about National Be Naked Day on


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National Be Naked Day Press Release 2
Dated 18th July 2017 – for immediate use.

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Ready to serve at tennis

Spread the word!

British Naturism has announced that Saturday 5th August 2017 will be the first National Be Naked Day. This is the day when everyone who has not done so before is invited to spend some time doing some of their normal daily activities in the nude. Naturists do this a lot, and get pleasure and benefit from it, and they want others to try it for themselves to see what they think – if you’ve got something good you shouldn’t keep it to yourself!

Now word is out about this experiment, BN doesn’t want you to keep it to yourself either! Naturists are sharing their pleasure with you, so why not share it with your friends? Talk about it, dare or challenge each other to try it, do it together, compare notes afterwards, and let British Naturism know about your experience on the special website at . Do it in whatever way suits you, but like the adverts say – just do it.

But it’s good to talk too. If you know something good it’s natural to share it, and it is also good to know that there are lots of others like you. There really are. About 4 million* people in Britain choose to spend some of their leisure time naked (and a lot more around the world do). If more people only thought about it, the chances are that a lot more would try it too. The problem is that people don’t think about it; they just assume that wearing clothes is somehow compulsory, because that’s what they have been told since they were little. Wearing clothes is not compulsory, and nudity has many benefits which you’ll discover if you try it. So here’s your chance to think about it and talk about it – and to try it.

Ask; why do we always seem to wear clothes when it is not necessary, and even when they are uncomfortable?

You can find out more about this challenge

*2011 Ipsos MORI.


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National Be Naked Day Press Release 1
Dated Tuesday 11th July 2017 – for immediate use.

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Sitting at the table - picture for Media Centre

British Naturism announces that Saturday 5th August 2017 will be the first National Be Naked Day.

Spokesman Duncan Heenan explained “In designating this day as ‘National Be Naked Day’ we are inviting people who have never tried spending time naked to do so. Naturists have known for generations the simple pleasure and benefits of being naked, but it can be difficult to put it into words. So instead of relying on inadequate language, we are suggesting that people try it for themselves, and see what they think.

All you have to do is to do whatever you were going to do anyway and, if it is practical, do it in the nude for a while. It could be doing the housework, sunbathing, working in the hobby room, gardening, swimming, watching TV, walking in the country, reading…..whatever your thing is. Do it at a time and place of your choosing; alone or in company – whatever suits you. The important thing is to experience it for yourself rather than just thinking or talking about it.

Society has developed a strange myth that clothing is somehow compulsory, and the only time many of us are naked is for a few seconds when bathing or changing. People don’t even realise how repressed they are where natural nudity is concerned. Slow down! Savour the sensation of just being yourself, and not hiding from yourself. Be comfortable in your own skin!” For more details see the National Be Naked Day website at

There is no compulsion or reward involved in National Be Naked Day, other than the new experience and pleasure it can bring. However, British Naturism is interested to hear from people who try it. British Naturism is working with a psychologist from Regent’s University London who has studied the psychological effects of social nudity. If sufficient feedback is received via the specially written surveys of participants, it is hoped that the analysis will provide objective evidence of the benefits and other effects of non-sexual nudity. An easy to operate internet feedback mechanism exists via a simple questionnaire at , where more information can also be found.

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Note to Editors:

British Naturism (BN) is the UK’s officially recognised Naturist organisation. It exists to support and unite Naturists around the UK and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014, although its predecessors were in existence since the 1930s.

Naturism is good for you! Naturists report improvements in well-being, stress, chronic illness, self-esteem and body image. It’s also a sensible choice of dress when the weather is warm. Naturists are normal people. The only difference is the dress code.

Children are no more at risk in a Naturist environment than anywhere else. The community spirit that pervades ensures that a watchful eye is present. Despite the perception, there are far fewer problems in Naturism than in more “public” places where children and adults mix. Mindful of the need to be aware of child safeguarding issues BN has a robust child safeguarding policy, code of practice, and a Child Safeguarding sub-committee that meets regularly and runs workshops on the subject, sometimes to groups from outside the Naturist world.

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