National Be Naked Day – 5th August 2017

Try Something Different

People across the Nation are encouraged to try something different - Saturday August 5th is National Be Naked Day, so join in and spend some time naked to find out what it is really like. Explore this web site to discover ideas and to read further information (use the menu at the top of the page).

Love your body, don't hide it all away. National Be Naked day-5th August

Boost your self confidence and your self esteem. Experience time naked doing normal things and learn to be comfortable in your own skin!

But I don't have time...

Enjoying afternoon tea

Think again - being naked does not stop you from doing everything!

When the weather is warm if you plan to have a day at home then the best idea is just to not get dressed. You will find that you can do nearly everything at home naked and it is actually very comfortable. Getting dressed at the start of the day might mean that you lose the moment and not get motivated to strip off again. If you find something that requires you to get dressed then leave it for another day!

If you plan to do something outdoors, such as going to a naturist beach, then choose a day when the weather is good and just do it.

Saturday August 5th, Would you Dare a Friend?

Many people in other countries across Europe have a far healthier attitude to nudity than the British. They are not so embarrassed by the naked body and do not snigger with sexual innuendo. Are you ready to spend time naked and find out what it is really like?

Why aren't you naked now? Are you afraid of what others may think or say?

  • Has your partner or best friend ever asked whether you have spent a day naked? Would you really disapprove or would you just say you disapprove because that's what you think they expect you to say?
  • Have you ever asked your partner or your best friend, and if not, then how do you know what they would say?

Why not dare someone to stay naked for the day - and see whether they do!

What will You do Naked Today?

  • Clothes can make you too hot and restrict your movement
  • On a hot day would you do the housework naked or would you worry about being caught?
  • On a hot day would you work from home or would you feel too embarrassed?
  • When the sun is shining would you go naked in the garden or would you worry what the neighbours would think?

As the woman in the picture says "If it requires being dressed, it ain't happening today"!

The possibilities are endless... Look in the Gallery or Slide Show to get more ideas of what you could do naked.

Naked Day - What will you do naked today

Please explore the rest of this web site for further information and ideas.


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