The Details about National Be Naked Day

Welcome to National Be Naked Day

Welcome to the National Be Naked Day (NBND) website. We hope that the pages of this website will tell you all about NBND, answer your questions, and persuade you to have a go yourself.

Why go naked?

We could write reams about why naturists sometimes like to be naked. But, there is nothing to beat personal experience to really understand something, and that’s what NBND is about. About 3.7 million people in the UK regularly enjoy various aspects of leisure and living naked. The remaining 60 million people in the population have yet to discover something naturists don’t want to keep a secret. We are suggesting that on 5th August, you try the experiment. The idea is to spend as much time as you can spare naked, just to see what it is like.

You might say “But I’m often naked, so I already know”. But are you, really? Most people have been brought up to consider being clothed as somehow the norm, almost compulsory. This is a very strong piece of social conditioning, and it can take quite an effort of mind to realise that that is all it is. Because we are conditioned to avoid being unclothed, nakedness can be viewed as just a fleeting state when having a shower, or changing clothes. Because they experience it so little, many people find that it feels odd or unnatural. So we are suggesting that you take your time to experience nakedness for its own sake and see whether you like it. Already 3.7 million people in this country (and many more abroad) have tried it and know they like it!

What things could you do naked?

So, how should you go about this experiment? Well, that’s up to you. We are all different, and all in different situations, so there is no one way. You decide. And what should you do during this time in the nude? We suggest that, if practical, you do whatever normal daily activity you would be doing anyway. If you want some ideas you could look at the Gallery or Slide Show. Or you could make it a special event; maybe a family experiment, or invite some friends around for a naked coffee morning, or dinner party. But even if you spend your naked time alone, the important thing is that you do it in the way that you feel comfortable with, so that you can see what you really think, free of worry.

Our Frequently Asked Questions answer some of the common concerns which can keep people from enjoying being naked.

Tell us what you think

And when you have had your naked experience, we’d love to hear from you how it went and how you felt about it. To do this we would encourage you to take part in our survey, which is explained on this page. Or, if you prefer, you may start the survey now. Be assured your reply will be treated in confidence, your details will not be passed to any third party, and the results will only be published in anonymised form.

In this project, British Naturism is working with a psychologist from Regent’s University London who has studied the psychological effects of social nudity. If sufficient feedback is received via the specially written surveys of participants, it is hoped that the analysis will provide objective evidence of the benefits and other effects of non-sexual nudity.

But whether or not you choose to share your thoughts with us, do please try it for yourself, or you’ll never know what you are missing.

What is the best time?

Finally, why 5th August? Well, in truth it doesn’t have to be exactly that day. Any day around that date will do, but it’s a convenient time marker to pull the project together. So, off you go, enjoy yourself, and do tell us all about it. You have nothing to lose!

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