Survey invitation – we’d love to hear from you.

National Be Naked Day is primarily an invitation for you to try lifestyle nudity for yourself. If you give it a try and make your own mind up, we’ve achieved our main object. However, we’d also love to hear from you with your candid thoughts about the whole experience.

At British Naturism we are constantly trying to understand more about how naturists think so we can be as relevant as possible to them. In this project, British Naturism is working with a psychologist from Regent’s University London who has studied the psychological effects of social nudity. If sufficient feedback is received via the specially written surveys of participants, it is hoped that the analysis will provide objective evidence of the benefits and other effects of non-sexual nudity.

Please take the survey

Whatever your own reactions to your NBND experience we would really like to hear your feedback. To do this, simply click here to start the survey which has been put together by Regent’s University. You can remain anonymous if you want to. There are no catches or hidden agendas so please give us your honest opinions.

Thank you very much for your help.

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