Why Skinny Dip?

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There is nothing quite as liberating and life-affirming as swimming without clothes and feeling the wonderful sensation of the water over your whole body.

Do something exhilarating

Millions of people around the world have discovered the joys of skinny-dipping and the Great British Skinny Dip provides an easy opportunity for many others to give it a go – and find out what they are missing.

By getting involved in this event, you are helping us to...

...highlight and share the body confidence benefits of “letting it all hang out”.

...raise awareness of the many health and wellbeing benefits of taking part in naked activities – particularly in relation to feelings of freedom / liberation, fun and exhilaration.

...balance people’s perception of what constitutes a health body – i.e. it’s okay to have wobbly bits and be bigger than most ‘celebrity’ bodies… but it’s also important to keep an eye on potential problem areas such as poor skin condition, lumps/bumps, obesity and associated issues.

...raise awareness of the benefits of early detection of health issues.

...change reactions – especially in the media and from authorities – to the acknowledgement that nudity is a good thing and not amusing, ridiculous, suspicious, or harmful.

What’s in it for me?

It doesn’t matter who you are this project has something for you:

  • a fun event and opportunity to get your friends together and share an exciting experience
  • meet new people
  • feel part of a wonderful new liberating community
  • relax
  • an uplifting experience for all the family - helping children to grow up feeling confident about their own body and with an awareness of what happens at puberty
  • an easy way to take part in gentle exercise without have to exert yourself
  • an escape from the rigours of daily life
  • experiencing spectacular scenery and fresh air

Make a weekend of it and organise a skinny dip crawl by visiting a variety of locations!

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