Health benefits of nudity

Being naked is good for you!

There are numerous health benefits associated with clothes-free activities.

More and more people are realising the significant benefits that spending time naked brings to mental, emotional and physical health - including the way it helps to overcome body image issues and helps people to relax and escape the rigours of daily life.

It's widely accepted that it’s good for everyone to have the sun and fresh air on their skin – so why not give every inch of yourself the benefits?

When you shake off your clothes, you do more than just peeling away the layers of fabric. It often feels like you are removing your worries, stresses and particularly any hang-ups you have about your body. If you’ve yet to try it, there is no greater feeling of freedom than giving your whole body - and in fact your entire ‘being’ - a good airing.

Challenge yourself – and others

“Social nudity” is on the increase, as people are far less hung up these days about seeing others naked, or being seen naked by others. After all, it's just a body - we all have one - and they are all very different, just as our faces differ greatly from one another ... so why are some people still hung up about it? Perhaps because we've been hiding our bodies away for so long!

Here are just a few reasons why swimming naked makes far more sense than wearing a costume:

  • Why wear a swimming costume when all you are going to do is get it wet?
  • Bare skin dries much quicker too.
  • Being naked in the company of others helps people’s perception of what constitutes a healthy body - it’s okay to have wobbly bits and be different from those abnormal celebrity bodies!
  • Going without a swim suit also helps us to avoid irritations caused by fabric and elastic rubbing against our skin - and regularly going clothes-free enables us to keep an eye on potential problem areas such as skin conditions, lumps/bumps, obesity and other health problems.
  • A recent scientific study has shown that people who are naked in a social setting have greater self-esteem than the rest of the population.

What, me?

You might be reading this and feel you just couldn’t, ever … but just consider it for a moment. By honouring yourself enough to do something that will help to create a better relationship between you and your naked body, could be a positive step towards changing your whole life!

Wouldn't it be great to feel happy in your own skin, knowing that you can take your clothes off and no-one will judge you?

So put an end to hiding away your naked form and thinking it is shameful - and instead commit to doing something to about respecting your body and improving your self-esteem.

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